Why are you looking at a 2013 Kia?

Kia GT Concept 01 front

Why are you looking at a 2013 Kia?


Wow, the new Kia Motor Company is working their little Korean buns off making better cars than we had ever anticipated. Like Hyundai, Kia is now delivering us cars that can reliably get us there and with the new models coming out, it looks like they can do it in a hurry. Today ‘s Kia is sticking with their universal grill design for the new Forte, Rio, Kia Optima, 2013 Soul, 2013 Sportage, 2013 Sorento, and now they are adding one for grill to their lineup. The 2013 Kia Cadenza is their full size sedan that will be joining the ranks and provide a premium ride and luxury compared to that Amanti thing they had. The 2013 Kia Cadenza looks like it will be equipped with a direct-injection V8 that should deliver over 300 horsepower giving the 2013 Kia Cadenza a nice feel of power and luxury and if they can keep the price down it will dominate in its class. More than likely a year later Kia Hybrid will roll out a 2014 Cadenza Hybrid that will be delivering around 40 Mpg which is impressive for a large V8 sedan. The 2013 Kia Optima Hybrid should boost sales and deliver really impressive range and Mpg.


The new Kia Motor Company is making a jump


Kia is working on having more tricks up its sleeve to tackle the European and U.S. market and it is working well. A new Kia 2013 use to be that you didn’t know anything about cars and just figured that you had got a good price on this car that’s letters were acronyms for “Killed in Action”. Now a days the Kia 2013 looks like a smart choice with all the justifications for buying one. The new Kia has started offering longer warranty, better lending rates, and the depreciation levels getting slimmer means a better trade-in or resale value.

2013 Kia

What is in stock for the future of Kia vehicles?


My hope is that we see a mid size to full size coupe with a Direct Injection V8 or Turbo V6 makes its way onto the scene like the Hyundai Genesis. If they can have the same designer that did the Forte Coupe then they will have a winner in my book. I like the Hyundai Genesis and its platform but it looks like a zit faced kid got a hold of it and gave it a shitty fiberglass set of Fascias and ground effects. (At least they are painted) For the rest of the new Kia line up we will more than likely just see some nips and tucks and botox shots in the ass as we come into a refresh period and therefore not much we be getting completely overhauled. Kia seems to be growing like Samsung and LG, first we laughed at them and now we all pretty much own their products. I hope to see them and Hyundai growing and I also hope the North Koreans can escape to South Korean as it continues to become more and more prosperous. The new Kia line up or 2013 Kia will continue to show their drive.