When Do 2013 Cars Come Out Of The Closet


Since When Do 2013 Cars Come Out Sporadically?


There use to be a time when car dealerships would have the big glass windows and an object cloaked in stealth underneath a sheet. Car dealerships did up big and let the public gather around and collectively drool on the glass until it came time for a buxom broad to pull the cover off and reveal the same car as last year with new hubcaps. It happened all the time and was a big deal to look forward too. Oh how times have changed. Today we see photographers hiding out in the bushes at the Nurburgring to snap some pics of a psychedelically wallpapered clad car as it zooms by trying to hide its new lines and fake air vents. So there is still mystique when it comes to new cars as we also see the manufacturers making it to Death Valley for hot weather testing and some place north for cold weather testing. Funny thing is these vehicles would probably go unnoticed if they left off all the goofy shit.


When Do 2013 Cars Come Out?


Usually new cars come out in September and October but now we are already seeing 2014 cars. The 2014 cars are like saying wait, drive your crappy car one more year and wait to go into debt with us. It would be best if you could simply just have a new car introduction month in December. Honestly we don’t need to see what we need to wait nearly two years for as it blows up all my electronic devices as the manufacturers just have to get the good news out that you might just see a retarded version of that dull concept you saw four years ago in two years time. So when do 2013 cars come out? Whenever, that’s when. If it is the third or fourth year of a model then you should be able to set your watch by the timing. If it is a car that is getting a full redesign then it is likely to be delayed by any issues they might find with, you know safety and things. If you are looking at a car that is brand new to this planet then there is a good chance that you will see the Volt experience and know about it long before you ever see anyone take delivery.


When Do 2013 Cars Come OutSo When Do 2013 Cars Come Out Again?


It’s just best to check your local listings these days as manufactures are doing some deliveries to select cities at the start then us simple folks get them later. If you want to know more about when do 2013 cars come out then leave a comment down below. If you know the secret of when do 2013 cars come out then leave a comment as well. You can try to go to a dealership but most salesmen don’t know any timeframe except for when happy hour starts.