The Toyota Corolla 2013

2013 Toyota-Corolla

The Toyota Corolla 2013, a car for all that work in cubicles


There have been news reports and alerts on massive numbers of recalls that are undertaken by Toyota with its vehicles; yeah, because they sell a ton of vehicles. If anything goes wrong it will be in multiple thousands. Toyota is A#1 with me because they are a good car company. Toyota makes some of the most bullet proof vehicles and what is so great about them is the fact that when one gets 100K on the odometer it still drives and peppy as the day it sold as a new car. Toyota builds quality products but some folks are disagreeing and saying that the company is using cheaper parts today and because of that there are more issues like the recalls that we see. So Toyota has come in to take on the challenge of naysayers and working to make the 2014 Toyota Corolla (probably not the design pictured) a masterpiece of boring reliability. Yes it looks like Toyota is taking their time to make the Toyota Corolla a special one that is less prone to recalls and that’s why we will see a likely late release of the car in 2013.

Toyota Corolla 2013 and Toyota Corolla 2014


The Toyota Corolla has been a car that commuters purchased or parents that had mechanically retarded children that didn’t know which cap the brown goo went in every so many thousand miles. The 2013 Toyota Corolla is safe, reliable, and maintains an impressive resale value. What we see with the Toyota Corolla 2013 will soon have a direct injection head as Toyota looks to place more direct injection heads on their cars and we might see a CVT option similar to the Prius PHV for the 2014 Toyota Corolla as it will be looking to get maximum mileage. The next possibility is a 2014 Toyota Corolla EV that will be an all electric power train that will look to go against a few competitors. We have seen Toyota working on more and more EV’s and Hybrids as they work to corner the budget class hybrids and they also have been working with Tesla motors as well trying to get the optimal batteries for their cars. Also look for a possible 5-door hatch and maybe…just maybe a 2013 Corolla S that is more than just a body-kit.

Toyota Corolla 2013

Toyota Corolla 2013 Final Thoughts


So hopefully the Toyota Corolla 2013 seems better but still ugly to me in design but of course Corolla’s weren’t really known for their looks. Look for the 2014 Toyota Corolla to come out swinging as it wants to take back its past glory in America. Oh yeah everyone else gets a diesel except us. (Probably gets a bazillion miles to the gallon too), Toyota Corolla 2013