The Ford Mustang 2015


Ford Changes Direction With The Ford Mustang 2015


What appears to be big news throughout the Ford Motor Company as well as every muscle car forum is the fact that Ford will be dropping the retro theme from the Ford Mustang 2015 in order to attract younger buyers as well as improve overall efficiency. The Ford Motor Company has introduced a plan in order to drop a targeted 750 pounds of weight from each vehicle by utilizing more carbon fiber components as well as other light weight materials to give their vehicles the same structural rigidity whilst lowering overall weight. So I can only help but to picture the Ford EVOS concept with the Shelby GT 500 engine and a weight savings of 750 pounds. That sounds really good to me although I absolutely love the looks of the current Shelby GT 500. What scares me is the fact that individuals are stating that this would be the most European friendly Ford Mustang, hopefully that simply means that the Mustang is just more efficient and not substantially smaller in size.

Ford Mustang 2015 Engines

Rumor has it that Ford will actually be designing the front of the Mustang around the EVOS Concept and 2013 Ford Fusion fascia. Which in my opinion looks brilliant yet I have a hard time believing that they will win over the diehard Mustang fans. Of course there is always the one step they can do to attract the fan boys which is adding more power. With Ford getting Turbo happy we might actually see the Ecoboost six cylinder used in the Ford Taurus SHO that produces 365 hp and 350 torque. It appears that for now the V-8 is still safe with the next generation 2015 Ford Mustang. I will be interested to see if Ford will implement direct injection as well as a higher compression ratio through a smaller liter V-8 engine.

Ford Mustang 2015

Ford Mustang 2015 Final Thoughts

So looks as though it’s time to save up your money and buy your nostalgic 2014 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition as it will be the end of the retro car era for Ford. I can’t help but think about how the Ford Mustang 2015 will look similar to an Aston Martin with the front grille. Mustang does seem to be in good hands with Ford’s design team as we should see some thought and talent being placed into this vehicle. As long as Ford can manage to deliver a Mustang that is a powerful, reliable and inexpensive means to a muscle car and I will have no problem with a design change. I’m sure we will be receiving more information on the 2015 Ford Mustang and as we do know be sure to post them up. If you have any information regarding the Ford Mustang 2015 then feel free to write to us in the comment section located below.