The 2014 Dodge Barracuda

2014 Dodge Barracuda

Is it a Plymouth or 2014 Dodge Barracuda?


One of the most sought after Mopar’s of today are the classic Plymouth Barracudas. These Cuda’s were a sinister HEMI packing muscle car that ate up the competition with its wide mouth. Today we are seeing auto manufacturers reinventing the muscle car or using designs similar to that of the late 60s and early 70’s muscle car era. The problem is, is that once again fuel efficiency standards are rising as well as gas prices causing manufacturers to rethink their stance on the old wide-mouth and un-aerodynamic styling that make these vehicles look the part. We have already received word that the 2015 Ford Mustang will lose its retro throwback looks for more aerodynamic styling. So my question is if Dodge will do the 2014 Barracuda justice by making it look like it wants to eat your baby; or is it going to look like a car that only transports your baby. Lord please don’t let this become similar to the debacle that was the Mustang II for Ford.


2014 Dodge Barracuda Hemi


The speculations are running rampant as the forums are blowing up with people stating this vehicle will receive a Dodge Dart inspired similar front fascia with a four-cylinder engine. This for the sake of Dodge and its employees I hope is completely false as there will more than likely be threats given by muscle car fanatics such as myself. What looks to be more accurate is that the 2014 Dodge Barracuda (doesn’t sound right) will be based upon the same 300 platform as the current 2013 Challenger. Word is that this vehicle will be a little smaller in size and hopefully the engineers are working on shedding a few hundred pounds from the overall weight. I love the SRT8 Challenger but it’s by no means a light or small vehicle. My hopes are that they continue with the retro look as much as possible but give the 2014 Dodge Barracuda base model the Pentastar engine mated to their eight speed automatic or six speed manual then have a Twin Turbo Pentastar version producing around 420 hp also mated to the same transmissions and then as we have heard the engineers are working on direct injection hemispherical cylinder heads on the V8’s. I believe that if they can pull this off we will see the base model delivering around 34 miles per gallon which would be great to have with a 300+ hp base engine. We see that Ford is working to eliminate a massive amount of weight from each car in their lineup. So if the 2014 Dodge Barracuda can utilize some lightweight components as well as offer of direct injected HEMI to compete against the Mustang and I will be chomping at the bit in order to get behind the wheel of both of these.


My Letter To The Designers Of The 2014 Dodge Barracuda

2014 Dodge Barracuda

Dear Dodge,


If you make the 2014 Barracuda look similar to that of the 1971 Cuda then I will certainly purchase your vehicle over a futuristic Ford Mustang. Delivering this vehicle with over 400 hp and the ability to get over 30 miles per gallon is enough to make me sell vital organs on the black market in order to place a down payment. If you’ll allow me to use the lavatories at a participating dealership then I will simply sell my house and live in this vehicle.


Tell us your thoughts about what you would like to see with the 2014 Cuda.