The 2014 Acura NSX

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Wear A Neck Brace When Driving The 2014 Acura NSX


Honda Motor Company has been struggling in sales with some of the models compared to the sales figures of a few years ago and we see that yes some of those sales were hurt because of a big ass tsunami. We do see the company now hitting the industry hard as they are building a massive factory in Mexico to assist with North and Central American production. With the luxury line if Honda being Acura getting hit hard in sales due to dislike of the designs we see that Acura is planning to provide a once staple of their technology and engineering ying and yang. The 2014 Acura NSX is to be a car that will test the limits of the tires that are placed on this car. This 2014 NSX will not be the fastest in a straight line but will lap you on any track that turns right.


The Engineering Masterpiece That Is The 2014 Acura NSX


The setup for the Acura NSX 2014 is a engineering marvel as it uses three electric motors and a normally aspirated horizontally mounted six cylinder engine. Now how all this techno wizardry works is beyond me but I will try and explain the best I can. First Acura has been perfecting their SH-AWD system as they continually use them on other Acuras such as the TL and RL. The SH-AWD is a complex limited slip differential that placed more power and torque to the outside wheel. This pushes and pulls the car through the corner and an impressive rate and gives the car a sense that if you let off in the corner you die if you got the stones then you can punch it and never feel a slip. So the 2014 NSX is going to have a rear mechanical SH differential located in the rear for the 6-cylinder to power which will be around 350-400 Horsepower going to the rear.

2014 Acura NSX

2014 Acura NSX

The Electric 2014 Acura NSX


Next you have two electric motors mounted individually to each front wheel and a process that mimics the SH differential by placing power to the outside wheel when in cornering. So this will give the car a SH-AWD system with some very powerful components. Acura says that the 2014 Acura NSX will give you big V8 power and four cylinder fuel economy. So if you need a super car that is fun to drive, can corner like a GT-R and kills less baby seals and polar bears and what not, then this is the car for you. We have seen the concept model being shown and Acura says that it will try and keep true to the design but we have to see how it fairs in a crash test. As far as price goes we are still unsure. I can tell you that the Acura NSX is not going to be no $30-$40K dollars like some idiots are posting. If you get a chance then check out my previous post and the comments that are made about the 2014 Acura NSX. This car will be competing with some greats and will cost around the same as well. If the prior article I wrote I estimated a price tag around 100-120K now I highly doubt that it will even come close to this as Acura and Honda have been struggling through many issues including the strengthening of the Yen. I hope it is priced at a rate where at least I could afford a used one in a decade or so. What are your thoughts on the 2014 Acura NSX?


2014 Acura NSX