KIA 2013


Why I am continually impressed with KIA 2013


When KIA first landed ashore it seemed like it was smuggled into the country as nobody knew anything about them other that they were cheap and if you had shitty credit you could still get one. My friend got a KIA because he had shitty credit and he went through several repairs in the years that he owned it. So many that we named it “Killed In Action” as he seemed to always call us up for help because the alternator shit the bed or his A/C had gone out or his brake rotors look like a Salvador Dali painting. The fact is that his car (although ruff on it) could not stand up to me and my brothers Honda’s at the time. So I really never gave the cars much thought until just recently. The design in smooth and sleek and although I like Hyundai’s platform those cars all look like an Anime character screaming through the air with their mouths open. But the Kia 2013 designers have found something to build around.

The KIA 2013 Lineup


The Kia 2013 lineup is continually growing and will get another cousin in the mix for Kia 2013. The 2013 Kia Cadenza or 2013 KIA K7 or 2013 KIA K9 Bark Bark (Hell I don’t know) is a large sedan that is bigger than the 2013 Kia Optima and will offer somewhere close to the neighborhood of 300 horses for the larger engine option and will have the Global Kia 2013 grill. I am interested to see the sales of this vehicle as I notice more elderly are buying Korean and will the great F-body Ford’s gone what are they to do. I am intrigued about the 2013 Optima Hybrid as it starts in the 25K range which is impressive plus the 40 MPG’s that it can obtain on the highway. I am wondering if they too will back up the life of the battery as does Hyundai in their 2013 Sonata Hybrid. One thing that has brought customers to these two manufacturers is their outstanding warranties. The 2013 KIA Cee’d is going to be an actually decent looking small car that should deliver some impressive MPG’s (pictured)

KIA 2013


KIA 2013 final thoughts


I like many other Americans and Auto Manufacturers laughed at these cars and now Kia 2013 is starting to get the respect of me and others. With 25K Hybrid Sedans with both companies I don’t see why we shouldn’t be dipping into the Hybrid lifestyle, I can’t wait to own one and go around sticking mother earth tickets on SUV’s and going to shitty music festivals, hell I might even start smoking pot (again) just because I have now become in tune with momma nature by buying a metal object. If you have any thoughts, horror stories, triumphant stories about Kia 2013, share them with us.


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