Hot Cars For 2013


We Look At Hot Cars For 2013 That Won’t Catch On Fire


If we were to use “hot car” in its literal form then a Ferrari would certainly be taking the top pick for its ability to catch fire and end up on YouTube resembling an overcooked Italian Sausage. But since people want to know what the hot sellers are going to be for the industry we will shine some light on what are sure to be selling well and super duper trendy. If you are a sucker for trends then get your pocketbook ready to start turning your bank balance red hot into the negative numbers. We are seeing new cars make it to shore for the first time and not all of these are going to be overpriced and underpowered. We are going to see some great hybrids and diesels that will be surely to sell well with the rising oil prices. There will be many different hot cars for 2013 so let’s take a look at some of the top candidates.


Hot Cars For 2013 Lineup


First is a good looking machine of sleek, sexiness, and power. We are going to see the introduction of the Lotus Esprit 2013. The 2013 Esprit will have a 5.0L 611 hp power house mid-engine rear drive. Like I stated earlier, look for some Aston Martin leases turned in early.


Second we are going to see and explosion of the Ford Motor Company as they introduce their sleek and efficient 2013 Ford Fusion. This Ford Fusion 2013 model takes the sleek looks of an Aston Martin front end and places it on a sleek overall body and adds several different engine options including a plug-in hybrid version.


Third is the Toyota Prius C 2013 model. With Toyota getting these hot hybrid hatchbacks to all the American dealerships for 2013 makes this car with a MPG rating of 53 and a base price under 19k makes this a hot car.


Fourth we see that the 2013 Scion FR-S, Toyota FT-86, Subaru BR-Z platform is going to offer a solid RWD drive experience with a H4 2.0L that will produce 200 hp but will be an excellent platform to boost that to 300 hp at least.


Fifth is the 2013 Ford Focus ST as this hot hatch is going to have some power and good looks and with the entire Ford technology packed in it will be a great ride that should sell well. 247 hp and 250 ft lbs gets this hatchback zooming.

Hot Cars For 2013


Hot Cars For 2013 Thoughts


Wow this year looks to deliver some great hot rides that many more individuals can afford. I hope to see more efficient and performance oriented cars making it onto the scene. With more manufacturers using direct injection, variable valve timing, lighter frames and more technology makes the cars of the near future very exciting. So tell us what your thoughts are on hot cars for 2013. Feel free to write to us about hot cars for 2013 in the comment section below.