Green Cars 2013


Searching for the car that will fart seeds – this is the lineup for Green Cars 2013


If you ever watch a movie in the 70’s where they show a city hustle and bustle, it is hard to see anything because of all the dark clouds of exhaust. There still is smog that lingers over metropolitan areas today but we are changing that, to just be located over the battery factories and lithium mines. Today there is a debate going on which questions the true cleanliness of lithium powered transportation and if the energy that is produced to power these cars is truly clean. In reality we are making great strides to alter our cars and the way they get their power and efficiency and if we can clean up our sources of power and go from coal to nuclear or wind and solar power then we will have a very clean means of transportation. Also a great way to save the planet is not have so many kids. Moving on we see that the times are changing and we are getting much more from our gallon of gasoline than before and another great way to green up our way of life would be to get semi-trucks to convert to a natural gas fuel or at least a diesel hybrid (Like trains) because it would save diesel fuel for the 25% that our transportation total fuel consumption usage. Since it may take a moment to convert all our semi-trucks to a different fuel or energy setup we need to focus on some green cars 2013.

The Green Cars 2013 Top Tree Huggers – All Electric


1.            2013 Mitsubishi iMiev – Its Electric – So obvious choice – 112 MPGe*

2.            2013 Ford Focus Electric – Its Electric – 100 MPGe*

3.            2013 Nissan Leaf – It Electric – 99 MPGe*

4.            2013 Tesla Model S – Its Electric – 300mi Range

5.            2013 Tesla Roadster – Its Electric – 245mi Range

6.            2013 MINI-E – Its Electric 150 Mile Range


The Green Cars 2013 Top Tree Huggers – Hybrid


1.            2013 Toyota Prius PHV – Its sort of electric – 95 MPGe and 50 MPG Gas

2.            2013 Chevy Volt – 94 MPGe – 37 MPG Gas

3.            2013 Toyota Prius C – 53 MPG

4.            2013 Fisker Karma – 52 MPGe

5.            2013 Toyota Prius – 51 MPG

6.            2013 Toyota Prius V – 44 MPG

7.            2013 Lexus CT 200h – 42 MPG


Green Cars 2013Green Cars 2013 Final Thoughts


These cars are a sign of great engineering advancement and the fact that we are tired of high gas prices and polluting cars. My only problem with these cars is that we won’t know who the smug Prius driver will be, because there will be thousands and thousands of hybrid drivers driving around helping to cut down on fuel consumption. We have hopefully hit a maximum level of fuel consumption and can now turn MPG’s into the trend. There is an easy way to make the switch happen sooner and that is simply by girls showing guys that hybrids turn them on and that they will hop in a car with a guy if he can get 50 MPG’s. If the mid-life crisis mobile turns from Chevy Corvette to Chevy Volt then we will destroy our oil consumption. Green Cars 2013