Flying Cars 2013 Edition


Up Up And Away With Flying Cars 2013 (I forgot to get gas)


It has been a longtime dream for me to be able to get into my car in the morning and start my commute to my office only to come up on a stagnant traffic flow; this is where I would flip the safety switch and hit the red button to start a transformation that would render my car an aerial commute assault vehicle. I can imagine the looks on all the faces as my flying car begins to become airborne and this is where I would nonchalantly start flipping the bird to everyone while I laughed sinisterly. A flying car and an evil layer would be a good start to a global domination plan and now I am going to be able to get one step closer with the flying cars 2013 has to offer. My only fear is that I see how bad drivers are, so if I have to deal with these idiots in the air then I will need to outfit some mini-guns us well. So let’s take a look at our options for flying cars 2013.


Two Potential Flying Cars 2013 Has

Flying Cars 2013

First off we see a company by the name of Terrafugia that is offering a flying car that has foldable wings and a rear pusher prop configuration. The powerplant is a 100 hp Rotax engine connected to a CVT transmission. This is a two-seater side by side and states that there is enough room for golf clubs. So if you fall under the stereotype that all pilots golf then you’re good to go. Yes, you still need a pilot’s license to operate this and depending if you want just a sport pilot license or you want to take a friend and fly through the night then you will need a little more flight time. The Terrafugia “The Transition” is an actual crossover vehicle and can even get you 35 MPG’s on the highway or fly you 490 miles on a single tank. It does take a runway in order to take off and land so don’t start flipping off people in traffic unless you’re about to turn into an airport.

Flying Cars 2013

Next we see the PAV-V One which is a hybrid car/gyrocopter that has a short takeoff and landing ability and offer the driver pilot a top speed of 118 on land and air. This is a little different take as this flying car has a rotor above and a pusher prop. This is also a two-seater but you site in a cockpit style and it looks like both of these vehicles will have an optional OH $#!T parachute so you can deploy when you forget to stop and get gas.


My Thoughts On Flying Cars 2013


I am happy to see startup companies tackling this great invention. I hope not to see future flying cars fulfilling stereotypes with stupid energy drink stickers plastered on the side and putrid chrome wheels cutting me off in the air. So yes I am glad there is some training involved here and hope that it is enough. What are your takes on the future and the flying cars 2013 has to offer.