2013 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2013 Mitsubishi Eclipse

The 2013 Mitsubishi Eclipse needs a good neck bite from team Edward if it wants to carry on


Okay it maybe a little old to use twilight jokes but with a name like eclipse come on. Mitsubishi has gone from the company that was nearly competing at the levels of Honda and Toyota in the 90s but then slowly died off due to lack of reliability and ugly designs. The Mitsubishi Eclipse was very popular in the first and second generation as it delivered decent power and an option for all-wheel-drive which was pretty unique at the time especially for a smaller sport coupe. The company started its downfall when it introduced the not so attractive third-generation eclipse that took everything we loved about eclipses and took a piss on it. Sales slowed down and Mitsubishi was forced to go back to the drawing board. They put together a concept that utilized a sculptural sleep and rounded design that was reminiscent of the first and second generation yet it had refined lines and got us excited for the fourth-generation.


Nothing you can say it’s a total 2013 Mitsubishi Eclipse of the heart


We heard stories of 265 hp and it made us happy. I sat and pondered how it can save up for this vehicle as I was sure that that much horsepower connected to an all-wheel-drive powertrain maybe a little performance parts added on would make for great daily driver. As I continually read updates I was starting to have my doubts and then it finally settled when I saw actual production model and how far straight from the concept Eclipse that was shown to me. Instead Mitsubishi delivered the character from nerd’s candy (pic below) as it was just bulbous and had the rear end of a fast food eating soccer mom. I was disappointed in the fact that Mitsubishi had delivered this vehicle with its current looks. And now with eclipse on its 6th year of production still looking pretty ugly thing that it’s more than likely going to bot be seeing a 2013 Mitsubishi Eclipse. The reason being is that Mitsubishi seems to want to continue to lack a broad selection of vehicles for reasons I don’t know why but both Mitsubishi Eclipse and Galant have been super stagnant as far as sales go and I can see why, because they’re both hideous.

2013 Mitsubishi Eclipse

The future for the 2013 Mitsubishi Eclipse


Mitsubishi says that it wants to have sport coupe in its lineup so there is the possibility that we will see the rise of the 2013 Eclipse and I believe that Mitsubishi could make it happen but it’s unclear if they’re wanting to stick with more hybrid technology and doing away with fun. In my opinion they need to bring the 2013 Mitsubishi Eclipse back as a smaller sport coupe and convertible that offers the same 265 hp yet is lighter than the current model and all-wheel-drive as well as a four-cylinder Turbo with direct injection. Plus if they could please for the love of God bring back the 2013 Mitsubishi EVO then I will become a Mitsubishi fan again. Feel free to tell us what you think about a 2013 Mitsubishi Eclipse and what you would like to see the vehicle provide.