2013 FFR Project 818

FFR Factory 818

Factory Five Racing wants every gear head to go fast not just the richest


Ok so you are at the track and you have been working on fine tuning your mom’s Ford Escort in order to throw down some better times. You and your friends have been working on the car but since you’re from the poor side of town you don’t have thousands of dollars to throw down on a Lotus Elise. Well that is about the time as Fred Maximillion Percilus Blueblood Jr III comes by with his Lotus Elise and challenges you to a race and the winner gets the girl. So what do you do? Well Factory Five Racing has you covered as they may just be introducing the answer to all our “blue collar” racing needs.

2013 FFR Project 818 Specs

Factory Five Racing has long been a builder of replica Shelby Cobras as well as Daytonas. These replicas and others are impressive to say the least as they are not fragile little fiberglass rides with a VW engine powering it. These vehicles can be used as daily drivers if one was so inclined. The company has now decided to take on its next challenge and that is a fast and inexpensive racecar for the masses and that my friends, has us very interested.

2013 FFR Project 818 Price

The vehicle is known as the Project 818 as it stands for the weight which is 818 kg or 1800 lbs. The kit is setup with a tubular frame and utilizes as many parts from a 2002-2007 Subaru Impreza and WRX as possible. The result is a low price vehicle that can be repaired and worked on cheaply if there is ever the need. As for the price of the kit it seems that Factory Five Racing wants to shoot for a target price of under $10,000 for the non-running kit and $15,000 for everything. So if this is the case you can easily have a 227 hp Turbo that can be boosted or fit an STI engine and make 300 hp stock. These engines can of course be custom built and make as much as 1,000 hp but that will be up to you. So we await word on the final price of the Project 818 and will be sure to update you all when we get word. So start looking for donor Subaru’s.